General Questions

Yes Plush Sears has a  Lifetime warranty against any manufacturers defects.

Plush Shears will last up to 15 years if taken care of correctly and maintenanced properly.

The best way to maintain your sheers would be to disinfect and clean them after each client. Oil your tension knob, Sharpen them with a certified sharpener, store in the case or a cool dry space.

No.We have certain sharpeners that are familiar with our product, and that we trust. We are currently looking for certified sharpeners to exclusively work with.

If the shear has a defect, we will replace them.
It is the preferred steel of knife makers because it resists corrosion and it is easy to sharpen.
Stainless steel is classified in three categories: Martenestic, austenitic, and ferritic.
Martenestic- is a very hard form of steel.  With a crystal light structure it has 3 levels
400A, 400B, and 400c The compound makeup of the favored 440c is generally 79.2%iron, 17% Chromium,  1.1% Carbon, 1%manganese, 1% Silicon and 7% molybdenum.  Martenestic steel has No nickel.

The price is more expensive because of the cost for marketing, branding, and celebrity stylists, and other expenses is passed down to the customer. Plush Shears are equal in quality.

Yes, all of our shears are available for lefty’s.

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